First blog post, indeed !!!

The adventures of a young (at the time of publishing this post) vegetarian couple who love to travel and are anything but normal travellers. We are from India and most of our early posts are bound to be from areas in and around India. Occasionally, we may write about things that are not related to travel.

This is us hoping our travel blog would be useful to anyone who wishes to visit these places on our blog.

Happy travelling and reading!!!!!

Tanushree & Yaswanth


29 thoughts on “First blog post, indeed !!!

      1. I been to Costa Rica three years ago studying abroad for two weeks. I went to France as a seven year old, but need to go back eventually. I want to eventually do a mission trip abroad somewhere.

        I went go to Spain or Mexico someday, but has to be the perfect timing. I sound crazy on this, but I want to catch the musical, Les Mis, in Spanish. I have been learning Spanish and I think that musical would be cool to see in another language

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  1. Congratulations on your first post, and welcome to the travel blogging world! My husband travels through India often for work, and I hope to tag along one of these days, so I’ll keep any eye on your posts. You can tell me all about India.

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  2. Awesome blog, looking around and reading about your journeys have been interesting, Good luck for the future and keep up the great work!

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